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Biliti Electric’s three-wheeler tuk-tuk to trail service Voi’s rental e-scooters

  • January 31st, 2023
  • Move Electric
Move Electric

Voi Technology, the rental e-scooter firm, is trialling a zero-emission electric tuk-tuk catered by Biliti Electric to service e-scooters in Bristol. The firm is set to use the three-wheeler Biliti Taskman EV to carry out several service tasks, including general maintenance and swapping batteries. Since its launch in 2020, Voi has successfully completed over 8 million journeys.

According to Emma Hughnes, Voi’s UK Partnership Manager, “While this is an unusual sight on the streets of the UK, we will be putting the Biliti Taskman tuk-tuk through its paces as part of our commitment to continually innovating and finding new solutions to improve our service without harming the environment.”

The machine will be integrated with Voi's existing support vehicles and used for a 4-month trial in the Clean Air Zone. The features the collaborative project promises to cater include a 7kW motor that can reach a speed of 25mph and a 9.2kWh battery that provides an approximate range of 75 miles. They operate on a charging period of three hours and can be swapped to achieve minimal downtime. The new model is designed specifically to navigate the steep streets and cobbled roads in Bristol and carries an offer on the back for discounts on e-scooters.