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Biliti aims to break into US market; tuk tuk deliveries priority

  • November 19th, 2021
  • TechCrunch

Biliti Electric, a newcomer to the electric vehicle industry, hopes to break into the US market with its electric tuk tuk, and hopes to see its products in all major US cities, addressing last-mile delivery challenges.

The $8000 GMW Taskman is a three-wheeled, all-electric, open-cabin delivery vehicle that is frequently used as a fleet vehicle to address last-mile delivery issues. Currently used in Europe and Asia, this three-wheeler model is produced in India by GMW Electric and exported to other markets, including Japan and Europe.

These nations have reportedly made over 12 million deliveries and covered more than 20 million miles, according to Gayam, Biliti's manufacturing partner from Telangana, India. The company claims that more than 1,400 Taskman vehicles have been sold thus far.

The company made its presence known in the US market by debuting at the LA Auto Show, and it hopes to roll out the Taskman to the rest of the country in the coming months.

The Taskman, on the other hand, can travel up to 110 miles on a single charge and carry up to 1,500 pounds. The vehicle can be charged in as little as 3.5 hours on a 220-volt power source, whereas it would take twice as long on a standard 110-volt power source.